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GATSO’s Revolutionary T-Series

The T-Series platform offers GATSO’s latest innovative technologies. These innovations include image capture, machine vision and detection techniques, combined with an architecture that provides the foundation for building customised and effective enforcement solutions. One platform can now be employed for speed enforcement, red-light enforcement and section control (point-to-point) speed enforcement as well as a range of other Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) applications.

The GT20 Camera

GATSO’s new GT20 camera provides performance at levels never before seen in the traffic enforcement industry. The GT20 features an exclusively designed 12-bit, twenty megapixel CMOS colour sensor which combines speed with superior sensitivity to offer both image and video capture from a single camera. Its high sensitivity and dynamic range ensures that clear images are captured under all environmental conditions. It provides performance at levels never before seen in the traffic industry.

Multi-sloping is a revolutionary new technique employed on the CMOS sensor which allows light and dark regions of the same image to be correctly exposed. This is achieved by dynamically slowing down the exposure rate of bright regions of the image. The result is one image that shows a number plate and the scene at the correct exposure level. This multi-sloping technique also eradicates unwanted artefacts associated with other sensor technologies such as blooming and streaking.

The extremely high processing and sophisticated intelligence of the GT20 enables it to handle automatic number plate recognition across multiple lanes in addition to its speed, red-light and section control (point-to-point) speed enforcement capabilities.

Vehicle Detection

GATSO has the capability to provide an innovative solution for all applications. Further information is available on our vehicle detection page.


MILLIA – Mobile & Fixed Enforcement (includes intersection (speed and red-light), section control (point-to-point) and point speed)

STATIO – Intersection Enforcement (speed and red-light enforcement)