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GATSO Infringement Processing
GATSO Infringement Processing
GATSO Infringement Processing

GATSO XILIUM Back Office Software

GATSO XILIUM Back Office Software

GATSO XILIUM offers you a complete suite of back office solutions. Combining state-of-the-art storage strategies with a modular architecture, GATSO XILIUM can be customized to efficiently manage your specific enforcement processes.

Case Studies:


To prevent polluting trucks from entering the city centre, 52 GATSO cameras monitor all roads providing access to the “low emission zone”.  The software identifies vehicles based on their license plate and downloads the images of trucks not allowed in the city centre. XILIUM continuously monitors the status of each individual camera, providing automated alerts and statistics for Support and Maintenance.


In Cedar Rapids, speed and red-light enforcement is provided as a full GATSO end-to-end solution. The GATSO team worked closely with the Cedar Rapids Police Department to ensure smooth automation of the full enforcement process, from image capture to infringement fine collection. Local police officers have been trained to review and validate the infringements. All other back office activities are carried out by GATSO XILIUM.


Road safety on the island of Sentosa Singapore is handled by the State’s Sentosa Rangers. To aid in enforcing the local speed limit, six GATSO MILLIA systems were installed on the island. GATSO customised XILIUM to enable these rangers to efficiently manage all enforcement systems, monitor camera status, change settings, process registrations and print infringements.

Third Party Back Office Integration

Although GATSO offers XILIUM, its own back office software, we take pride in our ability to customise our solution for smooth integration into third party back office systems. This has been achieved successfully in many jurisdictions around the world.

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