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Gatso is moving!
New Sydney office location from 15/08/2016.

2nd GATSO User Group coming in October. Please look for your personalised invitation in the mail!

SENSYS Traffic AB completes the acquisition of Gatso Beheer BV.

GATSO Road Safety – Unmatched Accuracy, Reliability and Service

GATSO has been in continuous operation for over fifty years. During that time we have established a reputation for quality, reliability and security which remains unsurpassed in Australia’s enforcement industry.

We have been supplying fixed and mobile road safety enforcement systems in Australia for nearly twenty years and remain today’s leading supplier. GATSO has supplied enforcement systems to all states and territories including:

  • Motorway speed enforcement
  • Intersection red-light and speed enforcement
  • Section control (point-to-point) speed enforcement
  • Mobile speed enforcement

GATSO has also continually expanded its capabilities and resources. We work constantly to ensure we achieve our goal of providing the very best solutions backed by the highest level of support.

And at GATSO we ensure that our team remains well qualified to manage all aspects of a project. This includes complete in-house installation, commissioning, project management and maintenance of all the systems we supply.

Another key feature of GATSO’s capabilities is our software team – a team dedicated to providing the integration necessary to ensure the completed system realises its full potential. Our GATSO software team is also now an integral part of GATSO’s worldwide software development. This ensures we can provide individual solutions for all your enforcement needs.

GATSO has established operations in Sydney and Melbourne and will soon open a support centre in Brisbane.

Our clients

Our emphasis is on vehicle image capture, vehicle recognition and traffic enforcement. We undertake a wide range of projects, from small bespoke solutions to large-scale projects for government, enforcement agencies and industry where a superior and effective solution is required.