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Automatic Number Plate Recognition

At GATSO we have a wide range of ANPR solutions available. This strategy enables GATSO to meet the needs of every application.

In Australia alone we have supplied and installed over three hundred cameras for important projects such as tolling, police mobile units, surveillance, section control (point-to-point) speed enforcement, access control, weigh-in-motion identification and many industrial applications.
Our clients include:

  • Police Services: NSW Police, Queensland Police Service, WA Police, Victoria Police, Tasmania Police, the Australian Federal Police, Northern Territory Police and South Australia Police
  • Government Authorities: SA Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, Queensland Transport & Main Roads, NSW Roads & Maritime Services, the ACT Government and Victoria’s Department of Justice
  • Industry: Queensland Motorways, Transurban, Cross City Motorway, Patrick Stevedores and many more.

Our Partners:

NDI Recognition Systems

NDI Recognition Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of automatic number plate recognition systems. NDI provides a complete range of high-accuracy ANPR solutions for fixed and mobile applications.

NDI is a cost-effective solution for all police applications, vehicle monitoring and any application where high-accuracy automatic number plate recognition is required.

NDI is committed to ongoing research and development and its in-house team has been responsible for many of the latest innovations for the global automatic number plate recognition market. These include the design of Talon, the industry-leading ANPR engine.

The NDI range includes:

  • V230 ANPR camera for mobile and covert fixed ANPR applications
  • V220EX ANPR camera for fixed and mobile requirements
  • C320 dual-camera system for all fixed ANPR applications
  • V1 miniature mobile ANPR colour camera
  • TGX-P embedded solid state ANPR processor
  • NDI’s VeriPlate ANPR management system
  • VISCE - NDI’s intelligence server and communications system.
3M (formerly PIPS Technology)

3M is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of automatic number plate recognition systems (ANPR). This range includes solutions for every ANPR application including enforcement, vehicle monitoring, tolling, access control and traffic study applications.

With over 15,000 cameras deployed around the globe 3M is widely recognised as a leading provider of traffic-related video imaging and number plate capture technology.




NDI Recognition Systems V220




3M PIPS P482